Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sedona Day 4, Sunset Crater and Indian Ruins

We decided to do things a little differently today. Rather than do one update, we will break our day into sections. We woke up to a day that was a little overcast and very cool, but, we decided to go to the Grand Canyon anyway. This was our third trip to the canyon and decided to take a different route. We left Sedona about 8 AM and went to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff we took 89 to 64 to get to Grand Canyon. This would take us to the edge of the Painted Desert which we wanted to see. On the way, we saw a sign that said Lava Flow and Sunset Crater Volcano which was a National Park. We decided to divert to the Park. The Park also had some Indian Ruins (Wupatki). What we didn't know was that it was about a 32 mile trip to see all the sites. We stopped at the Park Entrance and talked to the Park Ranger. We told him we wanted to see the Painted Desert and he said, "Not today. Winds are gusting to 49 MPH and their is a wind advisory. It is so dusty, you cannot see anything".

We stopped at the lava flow and it brought back memories of the Azores. The island we were on was the top of a volcano and there were lava flows all over the island. The Range had told us that if we wanted to walk to the top of Sunset Crater, it would take about 45 minutes. We did not think we would have the time so we just visited the lava flow area.

From the lava flow, we drove to the Painted Desert viewing area and sure enough, there was so much dust you could not see anything. It looked like a heavy fog from a distance and nothing was visible. We did make it to the Indian ruins and took some pictures. The ruins were interesting and very beautiful in a rustic way. Slide show will show the pictures. Will post pictures of the Grand Canyon Later

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